Barracuda Products & Services

We partnered with Barracuda Inc to provide it's product range and services offering industry-leading solutions to our local market that are designed to solve mainstream IT problems – efficiently and cost effectively – while maintaining a level of customer support and satisfaction. Our products span three distinct markets, including: Content Security, Networking & Application Delivery + Data Storage, Protection and Disaster Recovery.


Our partnership with Winnou has enabled us to provide a Campus Management Software as a Service, onEdu. onEdu has many functional features to address the needs of various departments within a campus covering the entire life cycle of the student and many of the support processes including the following:-

  1. Admissions Management,
  2. Fee Management,
  3. Academic Records,
  4. Attendance Tracking System,
  5. Institute Almanac,
  6. Event Attendance,
  7. Class Material Sharing,
  8. Lesson Planner,
  9. Online Quiz,
  10. Manage Exams,
  11. Result Analysis,
  12. Student Feedback,
  13. Student Certificates,
  14. Internship Tracker,
  15. Mentor Mentee Process,
  16. Class Timetable,
  17. Grievance Cell,
  18. Academic Programs Setup,
  19. Library,
  20. SMS Alerts,
  21. Faculty Assignment and Workload,
  22. Faculty Profile Bank,
  23. Management Dashboards,
  24. College Circulars,
  25. Leave Management and
  26. Placements... Contact us for more details